Pho - Arri Lennox - Deluxe Edition

Ari Lennox' debut album, Pho, is on vinyl for the first time in a Deluxe Edition that features instrumentals alongside hits like "Night Drive," "Backwood," and "BackSeat." The album comes on standard black vinyl 2 LP with printed sleeves.

  • A1 Yuengling
  • A2 Backseat 
  • A3 Night Drive 
  • A4 La La La La 
  • B1 Cold Outside 
  • B2 Backwood 
  • B3 GOAT 
  • C1 Yuengling (Instrumental) 
  • C2 Backseat (Instrumental) 
  • C3 Night Drive (Instrumental) 
  • C4 La La La La (Instrumental) 
  • D1 Cold Outside (Instrumental) 
  • D2 Backwood (Instrumental) 
  • D3 GOAT (Instrumental)

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Pho - Arri Lennox - Deluxe Edition


Muziek genreR&B, soul, neo soul